You are searching for a unique and wooden American style decoration or want to treat a special person in your life with a personal gift for a special occasion? Then you have come to the right place at Holzdeko Handgemacht!

You are a fan of the USA, you love travelling there or you are simply fascinated by the ‘Stars & Stripes’ look? Whether you want a USA wallmap or a memento of a certain state: my manufacture makes it possible! Each and every one of my creations is being made with passion and extraordinary care for detail.

Every purchase is manufactured individually and can be altered at your wish. After we have agreed upon the details, I start working on your order. You want to add a personal message or caption? No problem! Just let me know about your wishes for a message or caption.

In the following sections, you will find beautiful examples of my previous work.

Have you gotten curious?

Then let me inspire you with my work!

About me

In 1995, my passion for creative woodart was ignited in Alamogordo, a small town in New Mexico, USA, where I was blessed to live for several years. In Carol’s Craft Store, I attended many courses, learned to work with a variety of tools and acquire different wooden painting techniques. My passion for creating wooden decorations lasts to this day.


During that time, the idea of capturing memories and experiences with individually crafted wooden art came up.

„Create memories that last a lifetime.“

the displayed works are all manufactured as a hobby and not machine-made.


Something new every now and then. I love trying new tecniques and ideas, leading to new creative results.


all of my works are unique. You can always be sure that you receive a unicum every time.

Creative woodwork

The greatest things in life are the people that we love, places that we visit and the memories we create.

Feel free to rummage in my galleries // Every handmade piece is a unique item.


Do you have a special request? An extravagant idea? I’m looking forward to new challenges and ideas!
All of my products are unique, so the pictures can deviate from the product you receive. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    I know about the GDRP and that all my provided data will be stored and transfered online..

    Customer feedback


    What is so special about AMERICAN WOOD MEMORIES ?

    I set great value on using high-quality paint and I largely use special US-American paint which allows me to accomplish an extraordinary result. It takes many hours of work before the product is finished and unique in its entirety. Every single one of my products is entirely painted. Therefore, the sides are painted as well and not just the front. That allows you to enjoy your unique wooden art from all sides. Before delivery, every piece gets a Holzdeko Handgemacht stamp and my signature with the creation date.

    Is it possible to order a product in an individually requested size?

    Yes, of course. If you’re interested in one of my works or have your own idea, feel free to contact me by mail or phone and we will talk about your requested size.

    How do I place an order?

    Please, fill out the contact form. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible, either by mail or, if requested, by phone.

    When do I pay?

    After talking about all the details of your unique product, I will send the bank details including the total price. As soon as I receive the payment, the planning and construction begin.

    What is the shipping time?

    Because of the on-demand manufacturing process, the shipping time is coordinated with every customer individually. Depending on the order, I need about three to four weeks.

    Do you offer insured shipping?

    Yes, the shipping is always insured. Before your unique product gets delivered to you, you get an identification number. Then you can comfortably track your shipping status from home.

    Do you offer shipping overseas?

    It is always possible to deliver overseas. The shipping costs are determined beforehand and will be sent to you before ordering.

    How do I take care of my unique wooden product?

    Every single product receives a protective coating and waterproofing at the end of the process. You can easily clean your product by using a moist cloth from time to time.

    Are the wooden products meant to be stored outside?

    I exclusively use high-quality, lightfast and colorfast paints. In order for you to enjoy your wooden art as long as possible, it should not be directly exposed to sunlight or rain.

    Why do the colors of my wooden product deviate from the pictures on the website?

    Every single one of the wooden products is manufactured individually. Wood is a natural product and varies in texture. Every piece of wood reacts differently to the application of paint. Irregularities of processing and colors are absolutely normal and provide the special vintage look of my products, making every piece a unicum.